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At home with an art collector, why you should be painting instead of running, and finding your collector personality

At home with Susi Kenna

You don't know any art collector? Well, in this delightful piece we found on Artnet, you get to know Susi Kenna. Despite learning about Susi she also gives great insights into how she thinks about art and as a collector answering questions on what to hang above the sofa and which artwork is worth stealing.

Susi Kenna. Photo ┬ęTyler Joe, ArtStar.

Susi Kenna. Photo ┬ęTyler Joe, ArtStar.

Why you should paint and not run

We all know that physical exercise is good for our health. At least marketing makes us believe that. But before buying a new pair of running shoes, take 5 minutes to read this insightful article by Arthur C. Brooks on why art should be part of your daily life just as well. Eat, sleep, exercise, make art and repeat.

What kind of art collector are you?

We all love online personality tests. This is not a test per se but you might just find out which kind of art collector you are with this light little article by Agnes Foissac on the kazoart blog.

"Art should be a habit, not a luxury."

Arthur C. Brooks, How To Build A Life


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