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At home with an art insider, how to make art a habit, and a little lol with the old masters.

At home with Kyle DeWoody

The art world is indeed DeWoody’s world but how do people that are at the centre of the art world live? In Kyle DeWoody's case far away from the buzzing city centres. This article by L.D. Porter in the Santa Barbara Magazine gives you intimate insights into the life of someone who was born into art and decided to live on a former walnut farm. This native New Yorker finds art in nature. Cool is cool is cool.

Kyle DeWoody. Photo by Sam Frost, Santa Barbara Magazine.

How to start arting

Following up on last week's articles highlighting the benefits of making art part of your life this article by Malaka Gharib on NPR shows you 6 ways on how to start making art a habit. Let it flow.

Art is life

Timeless classics describing our struggles in one picture. Already the old masters knew what is up and created memes for generations to come. Bored at work? BoredPanda has you covered with Classical Art Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed In 100s Of Years.

Drawing "feels like a superpower."

Trinidad Escobar


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